Our story

We are proud to introduce you to the world of Zebra Concept where artistry meets luxury and Nature finds its place in the heart of your home.

Our Journey begins with a collection of carefully selected Burchell Zebra Hides, sourced from open-range Private Reserves that champion environmental conservation. Our furniture represents more than just pieces of Décor, they are gateways to the enchanting beauty of Africa.

Let the rich textures and graceful patterns of Zebra hides find their way into your Home, infusing your space with the exotic charm of the African Savanna.


Our commitment to excellence goes hand-in-hand with our passion for wildlife conservation. The Zebra hides we use are sourced ethically, supporting the preservation of these magnificent creatures and their habitat.

With Zebra Concept you not only acquire timeless pieces of furniture but also become part of a mission to protect the remarkable wildlife of Africa. Fabrics, leathers, wood and metal are chosen to meet the highest quality standards, and are sustainably sourced.

Product durability is directly related to environmental sustainability. Long-lasting items create less waste and pollution by not going into landfills, requiring transport and the ensuing CO2 emissions. Crafted of the finest materials, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques, Zebra Concept products are made to last.